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(Memphis) When Justin Thompson’s mother heard her son’s killer would not face any charges she went looking for answers. Friday the Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich said she was not taking the case to the Grand Jury. She said there was not enough evidence to move forward.

Shirley Thompson, Justin’s mother, went to see her.

“She said she was sorry that it happen and basically she couldn’t tell me anything,” Thompson said.

In a thirty minute meeting with Weirich, Thompson said the D.A. couldn’t answer any of her questions about the night her son was killed.

“I asked her what was Terrance Shaw doing in our neighborhood riding around with a gun in his car and he was off-duty she couldn’t answer that,” she said.

Thompson believes the answer is in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s report on the shooting.

But that report is secret to…

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