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Saturday marked Groundhog’s Day, which had many people turning their eyes to Pennsylvania to see if the famous rodent saw his shadow.   

“And so ye faithful, there is no shadow to see an early spring for you and me,” said a member of the Pennsylvania Tourism Board.

Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction says spring in on the way.  The years old tradition brought good news for most of us, but for a select few they are not counting on the groundhogs thirty-nine percent success rate.

“Oh, I don`t know, I like winter, I like winter,” says Dean Brushaber of Dallas Center Grimes.

Ice anglers know a longer winter means more time on the ice.

“I come to pretty much see all the fish and stuff out in nature,” says Ben Brushaber of Dallas Center Grimes.

People of all ages were enjoying a day out on Lake Petocka in Bondurant. 

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