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Twitter Hacked: 250,000 Accounts at Risk
‘It’s not clear whether Lord is hinting that he thinks there’s some connection between the Twitter breach and the ones at the New York Times and Wall Street Journal which seem to have originated in China and to relate to those publications’ coverage of that country. Nor is it obvious why he brings up browser Java, which shouldn’t have any association with assaults on Twitter’s servers.

‘(It is, however, always a sensible time to disable Java, a once-important technology which isn’t much more than a vestigial security risk for most computer users — here’s Slate’s Will Oremus on how to do it.)

‘Even if you didn’t receive Twitter’s e-mail and have no reason to believe your account was hacked, changing your password — on Twitter and everywhere else — won’t hurt your security and might help…’
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How can I find out if…

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