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There is often more to a story than what meets the eye. With that in mind, following a week of controversy over the cover image used for the latest issue of JET, the magazine has revealed “American Idol” winner and “Lose To Win” singer Fantasia’s eye opening cover story.

Opening up about her struggles, including her relationship with T-Mobile salesman Antwaun Cook and a past need to please others, including her family, Fantasia tells JET “the (music) game can take over your mind.”

“I was only 19 when I won American Idol. I didn’t really have many expectations. I just wanted to enjoy the ride ahead and make the best of it. Pleasing people became a main priority for me once upon a time,” Fantasia says in an excerpt.


Claiming that fans and the stage saved her, Fantasia says music is her entire world.

“You could say that the stage saved me because when I’m in front of people…

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